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Greenleaf Gardens Honey is produced in Far North Queensland, from Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tablelands, to the Daintree rainforest north of Cairns and just about everywhere in between.

Our main apiary borders the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area on the southern edge of the Tablelands - locally known as the Misty Mountains. It is host to a mix of tropical rainforest and Eucalypt woodlands, and is considered one of the most ecologically rich environments in Australia with the highest level of endemic flora and fauna.

At an altitude of 1000m, our bees enjoy a mild climate with a diverse range of flora from which to collect nectar.




The flavour of honey is derived from the nectar and pollen the bees collect from flowering species within their foraging range.

In areas with a single or few flowering species at a given time, bees produce what is referred to as monofloral honey which is consistent in taste and representative of the species from which they collect nectar.



In our case the huge diversity of species from which the bees collect nectar and pollen results in a honey of complex flavour which varies over the course of the year.

At different times of the year you will pick-up flavours of aromatic eucalyptus, perfumy lavender, tangy citrus blossom, sweet berries, rich buttery avocado and a mix of wildflowers



The colour and density of the honey also varies significantly depending on floral source but it will always be sweet and delicious.

Once collected the honey is minimally sieved to remove wax and packaged without heating to preserve the flavour and medicinal properties.




Our beehives are maintained using natural beekeeping methods without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

The diverse flora and high rainfall of the wet tropics ensures that they are well fed and watered year round without the need of supplemental feeding.

Harvesting only occurs when the hive has a good flow and is near to bursting with honey, ensuring that the hive is maintained with the maximum number of healthy active bees.



We love our bees and their honey, but we can only eat so much so please help us out and share in the experience of fresh, raw honey from the Misty Mountains.



750mL (1kg) $15

Available in selected stores and from us directly in Cairns.

Please contact us below for bulk orders and freight costs.


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